America I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

What is this?

A lot of proverbial ink has been spilled about the 2016 election. As a country, we've wrung our hands. We've derided the pundits. Some of us have celebrated. And some of us have mourned.

At heart, this zine is a group of friends collectively processing the reality of a Trump presidency. It's political, and it's personal: it's full of essays, poems, advice, and ways to move forward.

Why should I buy it?

Every dollar of your purchase goes directly to the Equal Justice Initiative. If you care about challenging racial bias in America's criminal justice system, we hope that's reason enough.

But you should also buy this zine if you want to support individual expression. Or if you want to support others committed to preserving what makes America great: tolerance, diversity, and equal justice for all.