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My pledge of allegiance for the Trump Presidency

Margaret McCarthy

I pledge allegiance to the fags of the United States of America

I pledge allegiance to the queers.

I pledge allegiance to people of color, to Native peoples and to immigrants.

I pledge allegiance to women, to trans and gender non-binary people.

I pledge allegiance to Muslims. I pledge allegiance to refugees.

I pledge allegiance to the workers, the students, the unions, the teachers and the unemployed.

I pledge allegiance to the disabled, the the differently abled.

I pledge allegiance to the different.

I pledge allegiance to abortion, safe and legal and easily accessible for all.

November 9

John Campbell

I’m watching the nation
splinter from the West Coast
and I wonder if you’re feeling it, too,
your body sinking deeper
into your high-backed chair
way above Manhattan,
staring at the floor,
your phone ringing.
I lose sleep thinking about you.
Does the voice in your head
roar at night, keeping you awake?
What would it take to break your heart?
And if I'm being honest, I want that for you:
for regret to walk your halls,
your coffee to taste like shame,
for you to dream about Jesus
behind a news desk, nice suit and tie,
brown skin radiating, his voice
incanting your profligacy
like a letter from the republic
that hates you, that loves you,
and will never give you what you want.

And Justice For All